🎙Alibaba IPO: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999

🎙Alibaba IPO: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999

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今天,我想把大家请过来, 跟大家探讨以后至少五年、十年我们要做的事情。

jīn tiān,wǒ xiǎng bǎ dà jiā qǐng guò lái,gēn dà jiā tàn tǎo zhì shǎo wǔ nián、 shí nián wǒ men yào zuò de shì qíng

Today, I brought everyone here to talk about what we should do for the next 5 to 10 years.



nà me,ā lǐ bā bā wǒ men yào zuò chéng shén me yàng?

So, what will Alibaba become in the future?



wǒ xiǎng, cóng huǎng yè de shí hòu tí gòng huǎng yè suǒ yào miáo chéng de duì xiàng, bú shì guó nèi zhàn, ér shì guó jì zhàn diǎn。

Since we were working on China Pages, I’ve always said our competitors are not domestic websites, but overseas websites.



wǒ men suǒ yǒu de jìng zhēng duì shǒu bù zài yú zhōng guó,Ér zài yú měi guó de guī gǔ。

Our competitors are not in China, but in America’s Silicon Valley.


如果说,第一,我们把阿里巴巴定位,就把它作为国际站点 我们不要把它定位是国内站点。

rú guǒ shuō, dì yī, wǒ men bǎ ā lǐ bā bā dìng wèi, jiù bǎ tā zuò wéi guó jì zhàn diǎn wǒ men bù yào bǎ tā dìng wèi shì guó nèi zhàn diǎn

So first, we should position Alibaba as a global website and not a just domestic website.


第二个呢, 我想就是,我们学会硅谷的那种拼劲。

dì èr gè ne, wǒ xiǎng jiù shì, wǒ men xué huì guī gǔ dì nà zhǒng pīn jìn

Second, we need to learn the hard working spirit of Silicon Valley.



rú guǒ shuō wǒ men shì zǎo shàng bā diǎn zhōng shàng bān,wǔ diǎn zhōng xià bān,zhè ge bù shì gǎo gāo kē jì, zhè ge bù shǐ wǒ men ā lǐ bā bā néng chéng gōng。

If we were just going to work from 8am to 5pm, this is not a high tech company, that’s not going to make Alibaba succeed.



rú guǒ wǒ men yǐ zhè zhǒng jīng shén, bā diǎn zhōng shàng bān wǔ diǎn zhōng xià bān, ok, gǎn jǐn chū qù gàn bié de.

If we have that kind of sprit, going to work from 8am to 5pm, then get out and do something else.



rén jiā měi guó rén qiáng, jiù qiáng zài tā men de yìng jiàn, qiáng jiù qiáng zài tā men de xì tǒng。 zài zhè fāng miàn què shí bǐ wǒ men gāo.

American’s strengths are their hardware and systems. They are absolutely better at these than us.



dàn shì wán xìn xī, wán ruǎn de, zhōng guó rén nǎo dai jué bù bǐ rén jiā chà。

But on information and software, Chinese are just as smart as they are.



wǒ men zài zuò de suǒ yǒu rén de nǎo dai jué bù bǐ rén jiā chà。

Everyone here is just as smart as them.



zhè jiù shì wǒ men gǎn gēn měi guó rén dōu de jī huì. Wǒ men jué duì gǎn dòu

This is why we dare to compete with the Americans. We absolutely dare to compete.



rú guǒ wǒ men shì hǎo de team, hǎo de tuán duì。 wǒ men zì jǐ zhī dào wǒ men xiǎng zuò shén me, wǒ men xiǎng gàn xiē shén me de shí hòu.

Let’s say we are a good team and we know what we want to do.



I believe, one of us can take on ten of them.***wǒ xiāng xìn, wǒ men kě yǐ yǐ yī dá shí.


我们能够赢政府机构,我们能够赢其他很多的民用企业,大的那种企业的时候 凭的是我们的精神,我们的意志,我们的创新概念。用一种拼劲才能去斗。

wǒ men néng gòu yíng zhèng fǔ jī gòu, wǒ men néng gòu yíng qí tā hěn duō de mín yòng qǐ yè, dà dì nà zhǒng qǐ yè de shí hòu píng de shì wǒ men de jīng shén, wǒ men de yì zhì, wǒ men de chuàng xīn gài niàn。 yòng yī zhǒng pīn jìn cái néng qù dòu。

We can defeat government agencies, we can defeat a lot of other domestic companies and those large corporations, because of our spirit, our will, and our creative ideas. Only with this spirit can we compete.



Fǒu zé de huà, gēn tā men shén me qū bié ne?

Otherwise, what difference do we have with them?


谁都知道internet是个泡沫。我刚才讲的危机感觉是泡沫越来越(大)。什么时候破? shéi dōu zhī dào internet shì gè pào mò。 wǒ gāng cái jiǎng de wéi jī gǎn jué shì pào mò yuè lái yuè (dà). shén me shí hòu pò?

Everyone knows the internet is a bubble. The crisis I spoke of earlier is this bubble getting bigger and bigger. When will it burst?


Yahoo的股票掉了, eBay股票会涨。 那么有一天 eBay 涨了以后,可能阿里巴巴自己的股票会涨,所以不要担心。

Yahoo de gǔ piào diào le, eBay de gǔ piào huì zhǎng。 nà me yǒu yī tiān eBay zhǎng le yǐ hòu, kě néng ā lǐ bā bā zì jǐ de gǔ piào huì zhǎng, suǒ yǐ bù yào dān xīn。

Yahoo’s stock will fall and eBay’s stock will rise and maybe after eBay’s stock rises, Alibaba’s stock will rise. So dont worry.



wǒ jué dé internet zhè ge mèng bù huì pò, zhè ge pào mò bù huì pò.

I believe this internet dream will not burst, this bubble wont burst.



wǒ men wèi sān wǔ nián suǒ fù chū de dài jià shì fēi cháng chén zhòng.

We will have to pay painful price in the next 3 to 5 years



zhǐ yǒu zhè yàng chén zhòng de dài jià cái huì yíng dé wǒ men wèi lái qǔ dé de chéng gōng。

But only with this great price will we succeed.



nà me, mù biāo shì 2002 nián ā lǐ bā bā (Inaudible)

So, the goal is Alibaba will IPO in 2002.